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VA Senator Adam Ebbin speaks out against Trump travel ban

Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D - Alexandria)

February 1, 2017

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Says "The world is watching."

Richmond, Va. — On Monday, January 30, Virginia State Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria) condemned the recent Executive Order by President Donald Trump prohibiting travel to the United States from seven majority-Muslim countries for 90 days and suspending admission of all international refugees for four months.

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Sadly, on day seven of his administration, our new President unilaterally and fundamentally changed what America stands for at home and around the world.

I think everyone knows what his actions were, technically; but, I wanted to share some of the human stories behind them.

A mother of a U.S. soldier was detained for more than 33 hours, handcuffed for some of the time and denied a wheelchair.

An Iranian citizen scheduled to fly to the United States for a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School was denied boarding to her connecting flight.  She was recruited to join a Harvard laboratory after presenting a paper to a scientific conference in New York last spring.  We compete with other nations for such talented young researchers.

One woman won’t be able to see her 91 year old mother who is critically ill and in intensive care. The woman, Ms. Ibtisam Mahmoo Hussein, has four siblings who are U.S. citizens, as is her mother. She commented to one newspaper that she "hopes she will be able to see her mother while she is still alive."

Two brothers were told their Visas had been cancelled and that if they didn’t sign a particular form, they would be barred from the United States for five years.  Their lawyer fears that, instead, they signed a form voluntarily revoking their permanent residency rights that had been previously approved.

You know refugees, existing green card holders, and existing legal permanent residents from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen are not being admitted.  These countries have one thing in common--since 9/11, no one has been killed in this country in a terrorist attack by anyone who immigrated from any of these seven countries.
I want to hope the countries Saudi Arabia and Egypt that were spared, were not spared because our new president has business interests there.  Those countries are where the overwhelming majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from.
There were exceptions for Christian minorities in his order – effectively a ban on Muslims from some nations, but not others.
Since the September 11 attacks our country has resettled almost 800,000 refugees, and none of those admitted with that status have attacked our country.
This ban is not winning us friends and certainly not making us safer.
The president’s policy isn’t smart and it isn’t right. I believe not only won’t make it safer, but it will do the opposite. 
It is said the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, and State were not consulted.  Congress was not consulted.
Something is wrong about hostilities spewed via Twitter emboldening those who blame a religion.
First, our new president attacked and sought to delegitimize our free press.  Then, he makes major policy decisions that disrupt the lives of vetted green card holders, vetted international students, and the families of Americans who have valid green cards.
We can only hope the president will hear the voices of the demonstrators that were in 90 airports over the weekend and the thousands in front of the White House.

That he hears the voices of millions of Americans, both immigrant and native born.
We can only hope he will hear us.
The world is watching.

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Join Senator Ebbin and other area legislators where we will provide an update on the 2017 legislative session and answer your questions.

  • Mt. Vernon: Saturday, February 11 | 9:00am - 11:00am

  • Whitman Middle School – 2500 Parkers Lane, Alexandria, 22306

  • with Senator Scott Surovell and Delegate Paul Krizek

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Virginia Senator Adam P. Ebbin took office in January 2012 after serving for eight years in the House of Delegates. Adam represents 200,000 residents of the 30th Senate District who reside in portions of Arlington, Alexandria and parts of Fairfax County’s Mount Vernon and Lee Magisterial Districts. As a leader in the General Assembly, Adam has fought to advance progressive priorities, including preventing gun violence, making it easier to vote, and fighting for equality for all Virginians.

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