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Senator Ebbin's Remarks on Yom Ha'Shoah

Senator Adam P. Ebbin

Earlier this week, I joined officials from the City of Alexandria, faith leaders, and members of the community to observe Yom Ha’Shoah.

We stood together to reflect on the systematic persecution and annihilation of six million Jews during the Holocaust, and the millions more, including gays and lesbians, people with disabilities, Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, political dissidents, Soviet POWs and others who suffered and died at the hands of Nazi Germany.

We gathered in solidarity to proclaim “Never Again.”

The worldwide day of remembrance is more than a reminder to reflect. It is a call to action.

The full name of this commemoration is Yom Ha’Shoah V’ Hagg-vu-rah which in Hebrew, means “the remembrance of the Holocaust and Herr-o-ism.” It marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising--when Polish Jews refused to be consigned to a horrific fate, and chose to fight back against oppression.

We too must resist.

We must resist anti-immigrant rhetoric that permits our government to round up our neighbors at shelters and emboldens those who would deface Jewish community centers and churches in Fairfax with messages of hate.

We must insist that national and world leaders not stand idly by while LGBT people in Chechnya are systematically detained and murdered.

And we must persist in living out George Washington’s vision for America as a nation “which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.”

We need each other now more than ever.

Never Forget.